If you’re a brand or firm that helps people take control of their wellbeing,

either directly or by empowering caring professionals, we want to be your marketing communications agency. Our team has decades of experience helping B2B firms in areas such as:

Health & Nutrition

Pain Management


Human Performance

Social Change

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Learn a little bit about Julli Wakefield.

What if you were diagnosed with a condition that could be treated — but your insurance said, “no?”

That's Juli’s predicament. 

She’s currently appealing to anyone that will listen to her story regarding her quest for stem cell treatment for Multiple Sclerosis. Insurance isn’t covering this approach, so she’s doing what good people do — appeal to other good people.

Please click on the GoFundMe button and read her story. If you’re moved, please donate, today. 

What's with
the pretentious agency name?

“I mean, really. You guys sound like a law firm.”

No offense to those in the legal profession, but, no…we're not lawyers.

We're a marketing communications firm committed to companies and brands that are dedicated to helping people take control of their well-being. That's a pretty punchy mission, right there.

Our agency's poetic namesakes (go ahead, Google 'em) were fearless communicators in their day. The quality of their work led others to label them on a broad scale from luminary to crazy*. All of them have been enormously influential to other communicators. And just like our own team, they were from very different geographies and backgrounds.

* We don't purport to be luminaries or less than sane — but our depth of experience has made us impervious to the usual slings and arrows. We like to think that's a strength.

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A POV on Truth

Ever felt like you'd get spanked for tellin' the truth? Yes. Us, too. Sam Lowe, founder and Chief Creative Officer, explains.

Every agency has dream clients…

Are you a brand or company that gives people the tools to take control of their well being? We're so going to get along.

Throughout our careers, the collaborators at BaudelaireSextonBlake have created, designed, built strategies, developed, and maintained some of the largest brands for some of the largest companies in the world.

But as the phrase goes, "the world is not enough."

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BSB is driven to inspire and empower in areas such as:

  • nutrition
  • empowerment education
  • human performance
  • healthcare & medical devices

"When diet and exercise fail…"

That line is frequently heard in marketing for products that purport to take over where these natural processes supposedly can't perform. However, ​a diet that's correct for each individual is a challenge in itself for many. Companies and brands that offer a way through that challenge so that more people can give nature it's full shot at success appeals to us. 

Rodeo clowns…and fearless marketing

Ever see a rodeo clown work? They aren't out there just to make the kiddies giggle. They're out there saving cowboys rear-ends. That's their job.

The reality is — in order to make that kind of life-saving possible, you have to be one helluva athlete. It requires focus, and a steely resolve.

Only then can you make what you do look effortless. Or in other words, like you're just clowning around.

In a marketing environment where claims to make people healthier, fitter, less stressed, and more focused swirl about like a bucking bronco, you need an athlete that knows just how precarious your situation is. The collaborators of BaudelaireSextonBlake have been deeply involved in marketing communications for the most challenging and regulatory-fraught environments for years. Brand managers love us.

We promise to make you the star of the rodeo while at the same time, insuring that we're all fearlessly focused on doing good work.

Our services include:

  • Brand development
  • Sales materials: digital and print
  • ​Inbound / Content marketing
  • Thought leadership authoring
  • Marketing strategy
  • Web & Social strategy
  • Marketing case studies